ABOUT US - Your Local Oil Heat Provider

 Established in 1993 and in the oil business since the 1980s, we have many years of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience. We are family owned and operated. When you call us, you will speak with an owner. This enables us to carry a low overhead, therefore we are able to discount pricing on our services. This also means we take pride in each and every delivery we make and job we complete.

 We strive to deliver the best prices on quality fuel oil delivery and exceptional customer service.

 Spinogatti Fuels is fully lisenced & insured and always operates ethically and professionally. 

 We thank our valued customers, we truly value your business and look forward to serving you for years to come.

 Are You Experiencing No Heat? Try The Following:
1. See that the oil burner switch is on.
2. Check the thermostat. Make sure that it is set  
    above the room temperature.
3. Check fuses and/or circuit breakers.
4. Check your oil tank and make sure you have fuel. 
5. Press the reset button on the burner once only. 
6. If problems persist, call us at (610) 449-0939.

Myth: It Makes Sense to Switch to Natural Gas

Truth: Customers Lose When They Convert to Gas 

Despite what the utilities say, it makes good financial sense to upgrade an Oilheat system rather than switch to gas. 

Here are seven great reasons to stay with Oilheat:

1. By switching to natural gas, you are likely walking away from an excellent local company that competes hard for your business, only to depend on a faceless utility that offers no in-home service and has a poor track record on customer service. 

2. The cost of converting to gas is greater than the cost of upgrading to a high-efficiency Oilheat system that can cut your fuel consumption by 30% or more. 

3. A full-service Oilheat company provides preventive maintenance and responds to heat emergencies at any time of day, and your business is important to them. Most utilities offer no in-home service at all, and you have to turn to an independent heating maintenance company where you are a small account. 

4. Through methane leaks alone, the U.S. natural gas industry accounts for 2% of all U.S. greenhouse gases. Natural gas utilities routinely tolerate non-emergency methane leaks.  

5. Oilheat is safer than natural gas and an oil heat flame burns 300+ degrees hotter than natural gas, heating your home and water faster and more efficiently than any other heating source ever could.

6. Natural gas prices can rise, leaving you without any benefit for the investment you made in a gas heat system. When they raise their prices, you'll be stuck. 

7. Oilheat customers increasingly use low sulfer and biofuel blends and thereby support an important American alternative energy industry.