'FUEL RIGHT' Treated Fuel Oil


‘Fuel Right’ Fuel Oil Treatment:

Spinogatti Fuels uses a premium fuel oil treatment in all of our fuel oil at no extra cost to our customers.  We are committed to delivering superior products and services to our customers.  Therefore, ALL of the fuel oil we deliver is blended with ‘Fuel Right’ complete fuel system treatment.  ‘Fuel Right’ was developed by a materials engineer and helps to keep heating systems clean and running smoothly.  This all leads to fewer service issues through the heating season for you!          

‘Fuel Rights’ time-tested formula provides the following benefits:
- Dissolves away any sludge in the system
- Prevents formation of new sludge
- Cleans nozzles, filters, & injectors
- Ensures cleaner, more efficient combustion & optimal fuel burning
- Stops and prevents corrosion of fuel tanks
- Provides lubricity and reduces metal wear in pumps and injectors
- Provides easier start-ups
- Prevents fuel line freeze-ups in colder temperatures
- Improves the overall efficiency of your heating system resulting in better  
   fuel economy

Customer service is very important to us at Spinogatti Fuels.  With our unique ‘Fuel Right’ treated heating oil and diesel fuels, we continue to provide our customers with the best possible heating service and value. 

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